The Acres Green Home Owner's Association works very hard to build a spirit of community and maintain or improve the quality of life for our neighbors. In that effort, we offer many opportunities to participate as a volunteer in community service activities.
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Welcome 2016

Karen Padrevita

It’s a new year that comes with new hopes and goals. My hope is that for the many of you that set New Year’s goals, you are still on track; remember it takes small steps to make big progress.

This year, we hope that you take one step closer to supporting your local community. Perhaps that step is by contributing once a year to the voluntary Acres Green Home Owners’ Association (AGHOA). This small contribution supports many items during the year including the electricity used to light the sign at the east entrance to the neighborhood, delivery of this very newsletter you are reading, improvements to the front garden on Acres Green Drive, matching gift projects for the neighborhood, and the annual 4th of July Parade and Ice Cream Social. Please consider helping out this year...learn more here

Who is Responsible for Shoveling Sidewalks

Pat Perlinger

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to clear the sidewalks so children and adults alike can safely walk in the neighborhood.

During a recent snowfall there were some questions raised on our Nextdoor website regarding who is responsible for shoveling snow on the sidewalks, particularly on those around the school. Basically it boils down to the property owner next to the sidewalk is responsible for removing the snow on that sidewalk.

The Douglas County School District is responsible for removing the snow on sidewalks adjacent to their property. South Suburban Parks and Recreation is responsible for removing the snow on the sidewalks next to their property. The trails that are not paved are not considered sidewalks.

The following information regarding snow removal was on the Douglas County website. It is important to remember that Acres Green is in unincorporated Douglas County. ...learn more here