The Greenleaf newsletter is published every other month. The Acres Green Home Owners' Association meetings are held at the South Metro Fire Station on Maximus Drive. The Greenleaf will always have future meeting dates published.

Greenleaf Newsletter Archives

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Issue Highlights
February 2016 Welcome 2016, Who is responsible for shoveling sidewalks, and More!
December 2015 Happy Holidays, Gratitude, Highlights and More!
October 2015 Many Thanks!, The Pumpkin Patch and More!
August 2015 Acres Green Needs You!, Updates from the ACC, Noxious Wees and More!
June 2015 4th of July Parade and Social, Mothers have the Most Important Job and More!
April 2015 President's Letter, Be Careful Who You Deal With and More!
February 2015 Happy 2015, Greenleaf 20 years ago, Waiting for Spring and More!
December 2014 What would you do with an extra $500, There's a new sheriff in town and More!
October 2014 Support in your Community, Greenleaf 20 years ago Politics, Gardening, Art and Thanks and More!
June 2014 Acres Green 4th of July Parade and Social, More Great Neighbors and More!
April 2014 com-mu-ni-ty, Protecting kids & First responders and More!
February 2014 A New Year's Resolution, I met a National Treasure! and More!
December 2013 Are you a Member?, Local Interest Bulletin Board, Members Rock! and more!
October 2013 What is the Acres Green HOA?, Long time neighbors give some insight into early Acres Green and More!
June 2013 Do you know your limit?, Acres Green Neighborhood Garage Sale, Virgo Botanic Gardens and more!
April 2013 Sometimes being different is better,, Attention Gardeners and more!
Februay 2013 Oh Acres Green, how do we love thee?, Pronounce it "Brew"...spell it Bruch! and more!
December 2012 Happy Holiday Acres Green Neighbors, Keeping in touch with neighbors and more!
October 2012 Time for the next generation!, A Solution to C-470 Gridlock and more
June 2012 Elections and Beer!, Ay yard work! & more!
April 2012 Spring has arrived!, Independence Day, Concerts and More!
February 2012 AGHOA - Why?, It's 2012...Are you kidding me?, 2012 AGHOA Memership Dues
December 2011 Acres Green/Lone Tree Town Hall Meeting, Long winter nights and beer
October 2011 Nancy's Garden, Toasting a great community
June 2011 4th of July Childrens Parade, Decision: No Solar Panels at A.G. Elementary
March 2011 Solar panels at A.G. Elementar School, Acres Green Neighborhood Garage Sale
February 2011 Pump Pump Pump NOISE!, South Suburban's Matching Gift Program, Help for Youth and Families
December 2010 Trash, Trash Everywhere!, Public Hearing on 2nd Reservoir, Fun Family Activies
October 2010 The Name Saga Continues..., Ballot Issues for the General Election, Neighborhood Clean Up
May/June 2010 Lone Tree Taxes, South Suburban Events, Independence Day volunteers needed
April 2010 Neighborhood Garage Sale, 2010 Census, Importance of Membership
February 2010 "This is On-Star", Girl Scout Cookie Time, AG Elementary News
December 2009 A Thanksgiving Story, December meeting and party
October 2009 Boy Scout Troop 986, 4th of July Children's Parade