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New Meeting Location for 2019


The Association has agreed to use a meeting room at The Lone Tree Hub for the 2019 HOA meetings. We will primarily be using the Sweetwater Room but may be relocated to a classroom for a quieter space. 

Dates have been set for the HOA sponsored 2019. Additional details will be provided in upcoming newsletters and on Nextdoor.com. Volunteers are always welcome to come help out. If you are interested in pitching in, please email me.

Next HOA Meeting 4-18-19 @ 7pm


AGHOA Meeting Details:


  •  Cell Tower update
  •  Neighborhood watch Scheduled for June 20
  •  Upcoming events
  •  Building around us
  •  Committee status (Treasurer, Membership, Social,
  • South Suburban, Welcome, AGE SAC, ACC)
  •  Other business

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019 Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: The Hub, 8827 Lone Tree Pkwy., Lone Tree, CO 80124

Reduce your sales tax


At the AGHOA meeting in December a long time resident and former postal employee mentioned that by using the +four digits of you zip code you could reduce the amount of sales tax you pay on

items particularly those delivered to your home.

The sales tax rate for Acres Green residents, we are unincorporated Douglas County, in the RTD and SCFD, is 5%. The rate for Lone Tree residents, who share our zip code, is 6.8125% I have personally noticed that by using the +four digits of our zip

code that when ordering online I can enter the city as Littleton, as has been historically correct even though we are not located in a city. I haven’t tried using Acres Green, but that would be a nice test. 

You can find your + four-digit zip code by going to:


So save yourself some cash and use your + four-digits.

Help Our Cause - Membership


Common recurring expenses paid for through membership include:

  • Graffiti Cleanup
  • Meeting Room Fees
  • Garden Area Maintenance
  • Delivery of the Newsletter
  • 4th of July Parade Expenses
  • Garage Sale Advertising Expense
  • Cost to Light the East Entrance Sign
  • Web site expenses
  • A number of various unexpected expenses

Levels of memberships ;

Family - 25.00

Individuals - 15.00

Seniors - 5.00

Donations - Any and all donations welcome.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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